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Sling Workshop - Nov. 9th

Tricks and Transitions:
Come play in this intermediate sling workshop! We will work on fun stacked and slack drops, because who doesn’t love two drops for the price of one. We will also take a look at new transitions into familiar skills and unfamiliar skills.

Pre-Requisites: Must be able to invert in the air, basic climb, and perform the same side knee hook.

About Hannah:
I was an artistic gymnast for 18 years and have been doing aerial arts for 6 years. My first aerial love was tails, but now my focus is mainly rope, sling, and straps. My style leans towards dynamic movement and strength. I taught rope, sling, and tails at Sky Gym (Sandy Springs and Vinings locations) and have performed with DJ Mami Chula.


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Sensual Chair Workshop

The second installment in our #theasylumafterdark series is here! Mark your calendars for Sensual Chair Class with @seyystudios Wednesday, Nov 20th from 8-9:30 pm. We start with a twerk and floor-work incorporated warm-up and then move on to chair choreography. Participants are encouraged to wear what makes you feel sexy and comfortable.


Click on the date in our schedule to book the workshop!