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All trainers with valid insurance are welcome to teach their students at the Asylum. We like to say we are like “Switzerland,” meaning we are neutral when it comes to training at other places. You do not have to work on our staff to train with us.

Aerial Point rental is available throughout the day by the hour. One person is allowed per pick point. Semi privates are allowed up to 4 people in total. You must rent 2 points with 2 students per point rental.
This provides uninterrupted training to work on your upcoming aerial performance or finally get that move down! You are welcome to come in 30 minutes before your rental time to warm up in the stretching room and to stay 15 minutes after to cool down. The conditioning room is off-limits during this time. Check our schedule to see availability and reserve your silk.

The Process

1. Create A Profile
Please set up your profile up in Vagaro. This will make the check-in process fast and easy for all future visits. *If you booked the private you would need to check-in but your student will not.* However, they will need to sign a waiver.
2. Proof Of Insurance
We must have proof of insurance before you can start training your students, you can upload it below. We require a minimum of 1 million in total.

3. Get Approval
Once we have approved your teacher insurance, you can now start training your students at our studio.
4. Booking Your Appointments
You can book all your appointments online during aerial point rental. It is first come first serve on the choice of points and space available. We honor a 20% discount only for trainers during aerial point rentals. You will be given a discount code when you are approved for your insurance. Please do not share this code with any other trainers or students to use. (You can use the code multiple times. )
5. Charging For The Lesson
The Artists’ Asylum does not collect money for the private session. You will be able to set the price of your private and then receive the fee from your student.