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New To Asylum


Saftey is our number one priority!  Aerial silks can be dangerous and we want to always think about saftey first.  We have professional riggers and reputable suppliers for all our equipment.  Our staff is all CPR certified and trained if any incidents accure.

What are the minimum requirements to train at Artists' Asylum?

We are not your typical aerial studio because we do not offer regular classes.  We require each student to perform some basic strength and skills.  We will ask new students to perform a test:

  • 15 second bent arm hold
  • 15 second straight arm hold
  • Inversion from the ground
  • Basic climb
  • Russian climb

This is to ensure your saftey during open practice and aerial points.  We will offer intro to aerial workshops and you are able to book a session with a trainer to use our studio.

How high will I go?

We have 20ft cielings but as a new student we do not allow you to go that high.  You will start low to the ground and as you build strength and confidence with the supervision of the  instructor you will be able build to higher height.

Private Lessons.

A great feature of The Artists’ Aslylum is we will offer any trainer to come teach at our studio.  If a student has a favorite instructor, you both can schedule a session with our aerial points. Also, we will have amazing trainers that we can suggest that will fit your best aerial goals.

How ``The Artists' Asylum`` is different from other studios.

We are proud to say we are a neutral studio! That means we are open to trainers and students that work at other gyms and studios.  Because we do not have “classes” we are able to offer more time for trainers, performers, and students to work on what they would like to imporve on.  Trainers can use aerial points to instruct their students and teach at another studio.  We also focus on workshops that will allow trainers and students a place to grow as artists.

What to wear?

We suggest you wear form fitting clothing as well as leggings to mid-calf or full length.  Baggy clothing can get wrapped up in the silks and you can get stuck or your clothing can rip. Flowy tops will not stay in place if you invert and that is not the show you want to perform.

Classes For Beginners

If you do not have any experience in aerial silks, thats ok!  We have aerial yoga which is a great way to build strength, and flexiblity.  We also offer amazing trainers that we can suggest that will help you get to your aerial goals.

I have trained at other studios

If you have trained at other studio’s and are interested in training at “The Artists’s Asylum” we are excited to offer a great practice studio.  If you are a trainer that would like to train your students at our studio, we require you to have your own aerial insurance that must be shown and on file before you can start.  Professional and amateur performers please email us to discuss training. 

Slide @theartistsasylum FRIDAY JUNE 29 | 2:00am “What You Lack In Talent Can Be Made Up With Desire, Hustle And Giving 110% All The Time.” – Don Zimmer Book A Class