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online classes

It’s been a while and we miss you all!  To that end–we have an exciting announcement to make! We are offering online classes through Zoom.  Registration will stay the same-through our schedule on our website; We’ve got an incredible line-up of talented instructors to keep you going and on track through this tough time. Please book with the button below. 



Class Descriptions

We’ve got an incredible line-up of talented instructors to keep you going and on track through this tough time.  Check out our schedule and class descriptions below:


Dan Saab @dan_saab

Open Level Conditioning: Monday 6pm EST (3pm PST)/Wednesday 3pm EST (12pm PST)


This class will give you the opportunity to condition and strengthen at your own pace in order to get the most out of your workouts. We will begin with some cardio to warm our bodies up and then transition into a full-body conditioning session, along with a guided cool down at the end. In this course, we pay special attention to the way we move in each individual hold and how long we hold it rather than how many reps we can do.

Rachel  IG @rachel_shelby

Beginner Splits and Active Flexibility: Thursday 6pm EST (3pm PST)


This beginner active flexibility class has a focus on splits and will take you through dynamic, effective exercises to increase flexibility, strength AND stability in the desired poses.


Full Body Flex:  Saturday 1pm EST (10am PST)


This class is designed to help you improve your active flexibility to gain more stability and control of your movements while in the air or upside down (inverted splits please!!!). The exercises taught are all safe and approachable, but don’t overdo it.  Rachel will walk you through breathing techniques, an integral part of your progress, as well as understanding the dynamics underlying your stretch.


Equipment: Bands, blocks, yoga strap and mat are encouraged but not required.

Please let the instructor know of any injuries/limitations BEFORE class.


Matt Casey aka The flyest kid in town  IG

Active Oversplit Flexibility (Advanced but able to modify to your level): Monday 3pm EST (12pm PST)


In this class we will focus on acquiring active flexibility in our splits and oversplits by using a foam roller to assist in our floor stretching. We’ll use the roller to slide into deep stretches, while keeping muscles activated, to gain flexibility and avoid injury. Modifications will be given for all levels of flexibility.


Props: Foam roller required to participate in this class. 2 foam yoga blocks are encouraged if you have them, but not necessary.


Pull Up Bar Conditioning (Advanced): Tuesday 6pm EST (3pm PST)


In this class, we will combine conditioning exercises on a pull-up bar, with conditioning you can do on the ground. We’ll focus on building muscle groups commonly used in aerial techniques. All you need is a pull-up bar and a space on the floor for ground exercises.


Prerequisite: Must be able to invert upside down on a pull-up bar comfortably. Pull-up bar required.

Emma  IG @emmajohn_aerial

Fluid Movement Flexibility: Tuesday 11am EST (8am PST)/Wednesday 7pm EST (4pm PST)/Sunday 6pm EST (3pm PST)


This class is a guided flow flexibility and fluid movement stretch drawing from foundations in dance.  With a background in yoga and dance training, Emma will take you step by step, deeper into poses with a verbal emphasis on each muscle group needing to be engaged.

You will need comfortable clothing, your yoga mat or a soft surface, your body, breath, and mind. (If you have blocks–great!)


Artoor  Voskanian IG @artoorv

HIIT Body Endurance: Thursday 2pm EST (11am PST)


This class uses low impact, high intensity training with functional strength and mobility exercises to help condition your body and improve stamina. We will focus on challenging your endurance to keep you fit for acrobatics. You will perform exercises with your own body weight in short bursts with minimal rests.


Props: Therabands (long or looped), yoga block (if available)

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Our classes will be conducted on Zoom and you can still book through Vagaro.  If you already have Zoom–great! Just click the link in the email we send you and you’ll join the meeting.  If you do not currently have Zoom installed, clicking the link will automatically install it on your device. Once it’s installed, go back to the email and click the link again to join us.  Make sure you give Zoom permission to use your video and microphone. Pro tip–if you’re technologically savvy, you can cast the Zoom screen onto your TV.


Zoom links will be sent out 10 minutes before the class starts.


If you have any technical difficulties, let us know in the chat. Our tech person will be standing by to help you.  Using Zoom does require a solid internet connection. We have found that connections seem to be better with computers than phones.


Everyone will be muted so that outside sounds don’t disturb the workout.  You’re welcome to play whatever music you like, just try to be able to hear and follow along with the instructor. Any necessary equipment is included in the class description.  We’ve made our classes as affordable as possible; we understand that finances are tight for most and we want everyone to be able to participate. If you are able and feeling generous, you can add a tip directly to our instructors who will make their payment apps accessible.  Sending strength and solidarity!


See you in the air!

–The Artists’ Asylum

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Aerial Points

Aerial Point rental is available throughout the day by the hour.  This provides uninterrupted training to work on your moving art.


Aerial Yoga

The sling gives extra support to traditional yoga poses, allowing you to go deeper into your stretch. 60-minute class – All Levels


Open Practice

This time is for performers and artists of all kinds to come practice their craft. Stretching and conditioning rooms will also be available.



This class focuses on improving your range of motion while building strength. 60 minute class – All Levels *Coming Soon*


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The Artists’ Asylum is a space dedicated to bringing together community and fostering an environment of collaboration and support where movement-based artists can explore, learn and grow.