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our mission

The Artists’ Asylum is a space dedicated to bringing together community and fostering an environment of collaboration and support where movement-based artists can explore, learn and grow.

The Artists' Asylum The Artists' Asylum

Upcoming Events

To book this series, go to our schedule and click on the date of the event.


Due to technical difficulties, it is currently not possible to book for open practice after it’s start time on our schedule.  However,  this doesn’t mean you can’t still come! You can drop-in during the designated times at any pint and join us for open studio.  We apologize for the inconvenience, we are working on fixing this asap. Thank you for your patience!

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Aerial Points

Aerial Point rental is available throughout the day by the hour.  This provides uninterrupted training to work on your moving art.


Aerial Yoga

The sling gives extra support to traditional yoga poses, allowing you to go deeper into your stretch. 60-minute class – All Levels


Open Practice

This time is for performers and artists of all kinds to come practice their craft. Stretching and conditioning rooms will also be available.



This class focuses on improving your range of motion while building strength. 60 minute class – All Levels *Coming Soon*


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